Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Quiet Yet Busy

Its been quiet yet busy since my last post. William and I had another birthday party on Saturday for one of the little girls in our playgroup. Only William's birthday left for April month. Although we have two more parties to attend in May. We will be partied out!!!

I figured I would write now as William is heading into hour #2 of his day nap. He will wake up any time now I figure but while making lunch I am also trying to squeeze in this post.

I got a nice start on my crumb quilt. I am now around almost 2 sides!!!!!

I also got back to finishing up the binding work on the Christmas placemat sets I made over a month ago. I really need to complete these sets and put them away for Christmas to sell. I have a few other plans in mind to sell both for Christmas and for year round (mostly baby stuff) but other things too. Stay tuned as I will be posting about it and advertising here on my blog in the coming months.

Tonight I will take some photos of what I am doing and post it. ooh I have a mug rug to send out (ooops I'm a wee bit late sending it... but it is going out tomorrow in the mail.. PROMISE)!!! I will show you what I will be sending to my mug rug partner too.

Well lunch is ready and I'm starved!!! Once kiddo wakes up and has his lunch we are meeting up with a friend and her 3 month old little girl to take a stroll around the neighbourhood. It is a beautiful sunny day here.. In fact the temperature is going up to a balmy 10 degrees celcius!!!wooo hoooo!!! highest it has been in a few months!!!!

Quiltingly Yours

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secondofwett said...

Thank you so much for stopping by...I have a William in my life too...my youngest grandson! I'm working on a quilt right now for his new brother who is due to be born in August....plus I'm learning how to applique and have two of those projects on the go...but I love it...I find hand quilting very relaxing and helpful with the stresses of life...