Sunday, March 13, 2011

End of Another Scrappy Weekend

I felt I made alot of progress on my green scrappy quilt this weekend. After sewing all the units together this morning during William's morning nap, I was ready to start sewing them into rows tonight.

Of the 48 blocks I have to make (err make that 47 as I made a full one as my sample block) I managed to get approximately 15 blocks sewn into rows. I still have a ways to go, but I am pleased with how it is coming along.

I now have the pieces organized in the storage box again and put aside for another evening later this week or until next weekend. My goals for this week are to get back to my crumb quilt. I have two borders left to free motion quilt and the quilting is done. I also want to get a good start on making the binding for all those Christmas placemats I finished quilting last week. If I set weekly goals for myself, I find I am able to accomplish my projects better.

This afternoon I spent about an hour looking and admiring other quilter's blogs who are also involved in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. I am so inspired by everyone! So many talented people out there working away on all their scraps! Its amazing what we can accomplish when we are "slightly" pushed by our wonderful hostess to dig through our piles and mountains of scraps! A huge thank you to you!!!! I have procrastinated for YEARS to get to my scraps and they just keep piling up around me. Eventually I figured I would one day just disappear never to be found again!!!

Til Next Tme!

Quiltingly Yours


Deanna said...

Your green scraps are making a beautiful quilt. Greens are easy that way.

I agree with you about weekly goals. Somehow that makes it more managable. Good luck on yours!

Julie said...

These are going to be very pretty.

Melissa said...

Your green scrappy quilt is really coming along nicely!

Ellen said...

You have been making such good progress on your green scrap quilt!

Jan Maree said...

This is looking really interesting - I am looking forward to watching it all come together. Happy stitching!