Sunday, March 6, 2011

Green Scrap Quilt Update

Between Friday night and this evening I managed to get all 240 green/cream rectangles sewn into half square triangles.

Yippeeeee!!!! Tomorrow while watching bambino here in the upstairs compound I will set up the rectangles on the dining room table and start cutting them into 480 half square triangles. Fun times ahead!!! That should keep my morning busy while William explores and plays with the pooch. Perhaps tomorrow evening I will start pressing the squares and have them ready to make into blocks. There are 48 blocks in total to make this quilt.

This evening while making supper, he spent his time taking out every cooling rack, bowl, and plastic container out of my cupboards. It was an obstacle course on my floor trying to walk from the counters to the stove. Not to mention avoiding walking on one dog and one baby!!!! Ahh the joys!

Tomorrow afternoon William and I will be meeting up with a friend of mine who had her little baby girl back in January. I haven't seen Leslie and baby Lauren since they were in the hospital. She is now over 1 1/2 months!! Time does fly. I can't believe William turns 1 next month!! Holy CRAP!!! My little boy is growing up too fast!!! I'll soon have to return back to work... sigh........

I had hoped to post a recipe I made tonight but I have to search through a few files to find the photo of the recipe I want to post. It is made with salmon fillets, feta cheese, spinach, rice and phyllo pastry. It is one of our favourite supper meals and it is very filling. William even had a bit for his supper tonight and he loved it!!! I will try to post it for tomorrow evening.

Ohhh, as for other quilting related stuff, I did manage to machine quilt 2 sets of Christmas placemats for my inventory. I have 5 more sets (I think) to quilt. That will be a job I plan to finish by the end of the week.

Well I'm off to relax a little by the tv. I rarely watch tv, so I might as well look for a half decent movie to watch. I think I will take out my knitting. I finally started the left side of the cardigan I am making myself. Its coming along nicely. Once I have that sweater done, I want to try a nice hat/scarf set. I have two sets I want to make for Christmas gifts. yep.. you read it right. I make most of my gifts, so I need to start early.

Til next time.

Quiltingly Yours

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Carrie P. said...

Lots of triangles you are working on. Dinner sounded yummy too.