Sunday, March 27, 2011

Little bit of Show and Tell

In between sick moments and mourning a sweet uncle, I have been keeping myself occupied with some stitching.

Here is a photo shot of the progress I did make on my green scrappy blocks this week. Earlier this week I took my blocks up to the kitchen counter and pressed and pinned

while William kept himself busy going through my plastics.

I managed to finish making my blocks and William was satisfied with making sure every plastic container was out of the cupboard and onto the floor. Later that afternoon he found the drawer I keep all my placemats, hot pads and oven mitts!!!! Sigh..... ooh well he was happy.

I never took a photo of it yet, but I did complete the hand binding on my second coffee themed mug mat I made myself. It was part of the pile of hand binding that I have lined up to do!

Tonight, I finished making a baby shower gift for a friend of mine who is expecting twin boys in May. I want to wait until she is given the gift before I post the photo just in case she peeks on my blog (which she says she does from time to time). I loved how it turned out so much that I will be making a couple for William too. I did some really cute embroidery work on them too. Funny whimsical dragons!!!!

I also made an old classic dish for supper tonight. I made creamy herbed dill salmon with a Basil/Parmesan cheese orzo. I haven't made orzo in ages and just felt in the mood for it. I will post those recipes in the morning while William is playing. Once again I am sitting up in bed typing out this blog. And well it will be hard to balance a recipe binder on the bed while there is a sleeping dog by my side lol!!!!

Well its off to bed for me as it is heading towards the 1am mark.. Yawwwwwwwnnnnn I'm tired too. Both William and I had a rough night last night, so hoping we both have better zzzzzzzzzz tonight.

Quiltingly Yours


Susanne said...

Love your scrappy green blocks. I hope you got a solid night's sleep and that your dr. can figure out what's going on with the weight loss. We can't have you wasting away.

Anonymous said...

I love William's work. Yours is nice, too. I can hardly wait to see these all laid out into a top. I love green! I'm so sorry about your uncle.