Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Title Name - Can't Think of One :)

I can't think of what to title this post tonight. Guess I'm not in much of a think mode the last few days. I have been soooo tired and with next to no energy. Apart from running after a 10 month old who has found walking to be his next favourite thing, I still get very tired and low energy after the health issues I had last Fall. Having lost over 27 pounds, I feel I am skin and bone and have no muscle or fat. I was never a big girl. The most weight I have ever had (and not counting pregnancy) was 135pounds. All I want to do is sleep.

Since energy hasn't been my strongest point the last few days, I have kept to very light and non thinking jobs in my sewing room. I FINALLY got all 480 half square triangles pressed!

I did that job tonight. I decided to time myself to see how long it would take. Including a 10 minute sit down break from the ironing board, I was pressing those little darlings for 1 1/2 hours!! WHEW!!! I am now going to take a wee little break from those scraps until this coming Scrap Saturday when I will start assembling the blocks.

For the next few evenings, I plan to get back to quilting the remaining Christmas placemats and do a little more quilting on my crumb quilt. I want to get more quilting done so I can get binding them. Binding is great hand work and non thinking work. Every now and then I just need to give the old brain cells a rest! lol

I received a beautiful little gift from a very special and dear friend of mine from New Zealand today. Here is what Julie sent me for my birthday!!!! She is so talented with her card making as well as her quilts.

Back in the Fall of 2000, she came to visit me while I was living in Halifax. She brought along in her big suitcase a couple packages of these AMAZING Tim Tams wafer cookies!! I haven't tasted them since that time, and she added them to my gift! THANK YOU JULIE!!!!!!! Kiwi hugs!!!

The quilt pattern in the photo was a quilt project we both were working on individually a few years ago. She would send me the patterns when she was finished with them. Due to a few things that came up in her life, some of her quilting was put on hold and the patterns stopped coming. Well part of the gift was a full copy of all the patterns!!! I can now get back to making this great scrap quilt again!!! yipppeeeeee!!!!! Its a fabulous pattern for using up very small pieces. And I have a ton of those!!!! Especially after making my crumb quilt! I think I have enough tiny scraps to make another couple crumb quilts!!! But that won't be any time soon! This crumb quilt took me a couple years to make!

I'm going to try and get to bed a bit earlier tonight. For the last month or so William has been sleeping through the night. But the last few nights he has been waking up around midnight for a bottle. I think he is going through a growth spurt. He is also back to teething mode again. His little cheeks are so red!!

Nite nite!

Quiltingly Yours


Melissa said...

Congrats on getting all those triangles ironed! My mama always adjusts her ironing board so she can sit and iron. She'll piece together some fabric, then turn around in her chair and iron it because the ironing board is the same level as her table. So, no more standing to iron! :>)

QuiltNut Creations said...

480?? I would be tired too!