Saturday, March 12, 2011

Scrap Saturday Post

I got a great start sewing all the hsts together tonight. Because this block is a real puzzle, I have to break it down into units. There is no way I plan to sew one block at a time with this one otherwise I will be tearing hair out of my head!!!!
Here is the first block completed.

The rest of these piles are just laid out and ready to be sewn together. I figured if I got as far as this tonight, tomorrow when William goes down for his morning/afternoon nap, I can get to the sewing machine and just start chain sewing my heart out on all these pieces!!!

I have the first two units of the first line sewn and ready to be both sewn together.

By tomorrow evening, I hope to be able to finish sewing all the units together and get making some more blocks.

While William had his nap this morning, I did get to finish free motion quilting the last side of the crumb quilt triangles. All that is left are the two borders. I can't WAIT to see this quilt finished!!! I'm just loving every minute of this quilt!!!

Well tonight, I am actually sitting up in bed with my little Notebook computer on my lap, and a dog at my feet. I am turning in early since the clocks spring ahead an hour overnight. I want to get that little bit of extra sleep tonight. I am also hoping little bambino sleeps a little longer in the morning too!!!! Speaking of the little fella, I can hear him move about in his crib. He might be getting ready to wake up for a little midnight bottle snack! I better get a bottle out to warm just in case.

Until next time!

Quiltingly Yours


Brenda Kay said...

Nice look for the greens. Those puzzle blocks are always such a challenge. I chain stitch all mine as well.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Love your blocks Andrea...we finish daylight savings in two weeks....