Monday, March 21, 2011

Sunday Scrappin'

I was too tired to post last night, so I figured I would wait til I was a little more alert this morning to blog. Although I have to say I could EASILY go back to sleep again right now.

Last night I was able to sew the first two rows together of the scrappy green blocks. I figured this morning while William was playing around here in the living/dining room, I would take my time and start pinning the remaining two rows of the blocks together.

Then the next time I can get to my sewing machine I will have all the pieces ready to sew together. I can't wait to get these blocks together. The quilt is going to be a real puzzle to put together to make the interlocking design.

So while William munches on his "scooby snacks" I will get to pinning these blocks.

Quiltingly Yours


ButtonMad said...

looks like fun - loving the greens in those fabrics. hope you get to your sewing machine soon ;-) cheers

Anonymous said...

Oh, I like how those look. I can hardly wait to see your green quilt. All I've done is increase my stash of greens, since the first Saturday!