Thursday, October 23, 2008

And the Throbbing Continues

So I'm home again for a second day doped up on pain killers getting over of the pain of two pulled wisdom teeth. A very good friend of mine is a dental hygenist. She called me today to see how I was doing. She said by now I shouldn't have this much pain and I should look in to seeing my dentist again. She mentioned I could have dry sockets. Seems when you get these the blood doesn't clot and you can have problems with the bone up in the holes. I get shivers just thinking about it! So far I have been living on maple porridge, hot chocolate, and scrambled eggs. Last night I attempted hash browns with some fresh mushrooms. I figured I could moosh those in my mouth without chewing and hopefully nothing would get caught up in the holes.. Sigh... sadly mistaken. Seems something got up there anyway and oooh how it hurt. I swooshed my mouth several times with water. I'm not sure if it ever came out. Still in pain and the holes still feel like huge craters in my mouth. Tonight for supper I will attempt plain ole rotini pasta with a plain tomato alfredo sauce from a jar. No food made from scratch tonight. Sigh.. this has been torture for me the last couple of days, cause I LOVE food!!!!

Anyway, to keep my mind off my teeth, or lack thereof, I managed to finish reading my book yesterday evening. Today, I took up my Grandmother's Garden blocks hoping it will keep my mind off the pain. So far not too bad. I finally managed to get a better photo too. I realized that I can force my camera to use the flash to get a better picture. I bought this beautiful Cannon S3 IS camera about a year and a half ago, and I am still learning to use alot of the features. I still have much to learn. Anyway, here is one of the 5 blocks I have made so far. I am working on #6 this afternoon.

Tonight we have our weekly sewing/quilting social night down to Mum's place. I will probably work on these blocks a bit more and I hope to take what Christmas Tree Skirts I have binded and get the buttons on them. Those will be my two jobs tonight.

I also think over the weekend I might sit down to my laptop, set up my EQ6 and start to draft out my Crumb Quilt I have been working on and off with since March. I would love to get the thoughts in my head on the drafting board and see something more visual. I bought this software back in the Winter and have played a little with it. I still have much to learn with it. I haven't touched it for a few months now, so I think its time to get the dust off it and really get cracking. I want to start drafting up a new design to teach next year too. Ohh that reminds me. I promised my students in my Saturday morning and Monday night classes that I will bring along the quilts I'll be teaching in January. I will take them out this weekend.

You will notice I added a few more little things to my blog yesterday. I thought I would spend an hour or two yesterday hunting around for other quilting blogs out there. I went to the Quilting Bloggers page, (please see the logo link on the right side bar). There you can choose any country and you will find blogs related to quilting from that country. I found some amazing and talented quilters and decided to share their links with you! I plan to do more blog surfing. Its amazing how inspired you become when looking at other fellow quilters and their beautiful creations! I highly recommend anyone to blog surf!!!

Quiltingly Yours

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Satu said...

Hello, nice to have you visited at my blog and thank you for your couraging and inspiring comment. Hope we 'see' again... blog surfing is really inspiring...