Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

The weekends go by too fast. It feels like only yesterday it was Friday and I was looking forward to the weekend. And now here it is Sunday afternoon. It was a nice weekend all the same. I spent some quality Mum and Daughter time Friday night as we spent a couple hours shopping. I came home with a new pair of black casual shoes, a nice red purse ("Every woman should have at least ONE hot red purse in their wardrobe", say my lovely Mum... yah gotta love her!) I also picked up a nice Fall mustard yellow hoodie dress sweater and a couple of little stocking stuffers. Saturday morning I taught my crazy patch class. They are doing so good with their quilts. This class we started making the sashing and sashing squares to sew around their blocks. I hope in a couple weeks to have some photos posted of their quilts while they are being layered for quilting. Next week they will add the borders, the week after that they will start the layering process.

Last night we met up with Trevor's good buddy Jody and his 11 year old son Nick. The four of us went to Klondike Jakes for a bite to eat then took Nick to the Harbour Haunt. This is a local fun haunted house that Easter Seals puts off every October as one of their fundraisers. We weren't sure if Nick would be up for it as it can be a bit scary and disturbing for an 11 year old mind. Hey I'm 36 and there were a few things that freaked me out too!!! So after spending an hour in the line up to get into the haunt we were guided through the black fabric maze with our guide. You would come up to different rooms where there would be freakish scenarios happening. Some of these rooms came out of some of my childhood nightmares!!! For example, as a child I watched Poltergeist at too young of an age. Do you remember that scary scene when the kids are in their beds and there is a lightening storm outside. There is this creepy looking clown doll at the end of their beds. It is there one minute, the next it has disappeared and is now hiding under the bed ready to take one of the children and drag them into the closet. Well I remember my Dad won a big clown doll for me one year at the Summer Regatta here in St. John's. This clown sat in a chair on the other side of the room watching me with his little grin from my bed every night. After watching that movie, I was scared to DEATH of that clown. So scared I had to take the clown and put it in the basement. I would check under my bed every night to be sure the clown didn't come upstairs!!! Well last night that clown was larger than life coming out of this HUGE freaky painted closet and came right up in my face laughing like a mad man!!!! Ooh how I screamed when he burst out of that closet!! And then I laughed so hard!! Even Nick laughed at me!!!

My favourite scene of last night's haunted maze was toward the end when we were going through a small area where it looked like dead bodies hanging over the edges of half broken doors. They were so lifeless!! Trevor turns to me and says "ooh that not a real person". He then pokes the body on the head! Next thing Trevor jumps "ooh my gawd!!!! it is a real person"! Which at that point this so called dead body jumps up and scares the daylights out of Trevor! oooh how I laughed so hard my stomach hurt!!!!!!!!!! Ahh but it was a good time and the money was for a great cause. And hey its good to have a little scare every now and then! :)

Today, it has so far been a very quiet and lazy day. I spent the morning just relaxing after a breakfast of quiche, toast and coffee. I read my book for a bit and lazed around. It is now after 2 and now I want to get back into some productivity. I put out some of the tree skirts I have completed, or still need binding and quilting on the table so you can see what I have been talking about lately with all these skirts.

I also plan to make up a couple batches of cookies. I will make up some chocolate chips cookies then I want to try out a new recipe of Pumpkin Squares. I picked up all the ingredients this morning and I am now anxious to get working on them.

I hope you are all having a good relaxing or productive sewing/quilting/baking/family time weekend too!!!

Quiltingly Yours

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Anonymous said...

Great Hallowe'en story. Re the skirt quilts; looks like you're making progress. I guess we'll see the finished projects soon.