Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sewin' Up a Storm

I have big plans to be sewin' up a storm tonight! Trevor is at work for another few hours and I have all my projects lined up to work on. I plan to have a good productive night tonight!

This morning I had to take Mum to an appointment. While she at that, I headed to the nearest A&W for a little breakfast and my morning cuppa java. While I sat back sipping my coffee, I took out the little red notebook I carry in my purse every where I go. I started a list of things I want to complete in the next week. So here is what I came up with

  • hem the two pairs of new jeans I bought last week. (already cut and serged)
  • hem the pair of grey dress pants for work (still need to cut, serge and hem)
  • hand bind 2 Christmas tree skirts
  • layer and quilt 2 more Christmas tree skirts
  • machine sew binding on the Christmas Table runner I'm teaching next month
  • Start next step on the mystery table runner I am doing. New step came out this morning
  • Start another Christmas gift. (can't say who they are for in case they are reading my post) :)
  • Write up the Fabric Requirements lists for my students for the tree skirt and table runner classes. My due date to complete this is Wednesday night. hmmm better get that table runner binded tonight!!
How is everyone else out there doing with their projects? How many of you make your Christmas gifts? How early do you start? I have learned the hard way, the earlier the better! I refuse to complete a gift 7pm Christmas Eve night only to be wrapped up, and presented that night and opened before Midnight Mass!!! This year I actually started making gifts in July!! Yep you read right.. JULY!! Hey I'm sure there are some of you that started even earlier again!!!

Well looking at the list I better get going and get to the sewing machine. I have alot of work ahead of me! :) I wonder how far I will get tonight on these steps?

Quiltingly Yours

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HalfSquareTriangles said...

That will keep you busy for sure during this next week. I actually started Christmas stuff in late August, so you started before I did.