Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sewing Day Sunday

I just love Sundays. One of my favourite things to do to start my Sunday is before I even crawl out of bed. When I wake up I love to sit up and spend some quality time with my book. I just started a new book this morning. It is called "Julie and Julia My Year of Cooking Dangerously", by Julie Powell. I only have Chapter 1 read and already I'm in stitches from laughing. Me thinks this is going to be a great book! This is one of the many books I purchased the day Mum and I took a day this summer searching out all the Used Book Stores.

This has been a beautiful Fall weekend here in St. John's. Although I haven't stepped outside yet to see how cold it is out, if its like yesterday, it will be a nice sunny beautiful crisp Fall Day. I just love those kinds of days. I haven't had a chance to take any photos of Autumn this year, but I would like to show you some photos I took when Trevor and I drove across the island this time last year to Gros Morne National Park. He has an Aunt and Uncle from Corner Brook that has this sweet little summer cabin just on the border of the National Park in Wiltondale.

I just love this photo. It was a very cozy little cabin in the woods. The wood stove was on all day and all night. We loved it most at night when we would relax with a glass or two of wineafter a long day of hiking in the park. We would sit for hours by that wood stove chatting with his relatives and playing Scrabble!

This little cabin was along the shore of a beautiful lake. It was so quiet and calming there. We had hoped to go back this Fall, but other things came up so we couldn't go. Hopefully next year.

Trevor and I are huge fans of hiking. We took a 15K hike one day and at the end of the hike we found this spectacular view of the ocean!

My sweetie!!!

Nope this photo was not photo shoped!!! We did nothing fancy with the camera to get this shot of me. Guess the lighting did all the work. But it does have that look of an advertisement doesn't it LOL. The spray from the waves crashing on the shore would rise up the hills behind us. It was an amazing day.

I couldn't help myself!! The stump of wood was just sitting there on the beach, I just HAD to do my Karate Kid moves!!!

Here is another shot of the two of us at the Tablelands! That is an awesome site to hike into the valley and up into the Tablelands itself. Years ago I hiked and climbed to the top of the Tablelands and the view around was amazing! This time we only went halfway to one of the many waterfalls.

And here we are again at the base of the Tablelands.

At the end of a great day of hiking and exploring, as I mentioned above we would lie off on the couch in the cabin with a glass of wine and just relax and look back with great memories of a great trip!

ooh and then when it was time for bed, curl up under a pile of quilts, with the famous Newfoundland Quilt on top and drift off to sleep. Each block represents something that is well known here in Newfoundland. The sashing is made from our Newfoundland Tartan.

One of these days I might try my hand at making one of these quilts. They are very popular with people here as gifts to send to family away.

Speaking of quilting and sewing. Today will be a day of sewing. Since Trevor is working all day today, I will head down to Mum's place for the afternoon and supper and spend the day with her sewing and quilting. She is working on a Christmas tree skirt herself. I think I will layer and quilt the mystery table runner I was working on a couple weeks ago. I think I might also get a couple more tree skirts quilted as they are ready for the quilting stage. I have maybe 5 more skirts to complete. I will be dropping off the tree skirt I am donating at work to put up on tickets to help raise money for Christmas hampers for some of our low income families we have as tenants. I work with the government providing housing services to low income families. Each department adopts a family and we get Christmas gifts and other Christmasy things for them.

I wish you a happy sewing and quilting day this Sunday afternoon!

Quiltingly Yours


Cathi said...

That Newfoundland Quilt looks absolutely fascinating! The shots of the cabin -- well, it looks like a place one would want to stay forever!

Comfort Cove Designs said...

I loved that cabin!

You should do a Google search of the Newfoundland Quilt. There are many designs of them out there.

Karen said...

Now that would make for a perfect day! So beautiful.

sewnut said...

Hi Andrea I am glad you stopped by Living, quilting & stuff. I enjoyed my visit to your blog. I love Newfoundland. We visited a few years ago and my heart is lost to Gros Morne. I'll be back..... to your province and your blog :)

Quilter Kathy said...

Gorgeous photos of your hike, especially the one of you and the sparkly sun on the ocean!
I see that my friend Linda just stopped by for a visit - small world!
I was at Quilt Canada in June in St. John's...were you there?!?
It was fun to see the photos of the Newfoundland quilt!