Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sewing and Baking Night

I put in a another busy day at work, so now that I am home and had my supper I am ready to get busy into the fun stuff.. BAKING AND SEWING!!!!

I decided I want to bring in something fun into work for Halloween on Friday. I went to my local Bulk Barn a few weeks ago and found the cutest Jack-o-Lantern cake pan. Right now the smell of my decadent chocolate cake baking in the oven is sending me on a drift of chocolate ooey gooey goodness!!! Once it is cooled completely, I will ice it with orange icing for the pumpkin, yellow icing for the eyes nose and mouth. I also found some cute edible green flakes from Wilton to decorate the stem of the pumpkin cake. I will definetely take a photo before the crew from work make justice of it!!! I love trying new things when it comes to baking and down the road I think I would like to do some cake decorating courses... I realize between my sewing, playing in the kitchen, reading, I just don't seem to have enough things to do LOL Yeah RIGHT!

Tonight I will get back to hand stitching binding around another two tree skirts. I also mentioned last night that I was stippling around my Christmas Mystery Table Runner. Well all the stippling and quilting is done, so I will get the binding ready and sewn. After that I think I will put the sewing machine away and spend the night hand binding.

Ooh I also mentioned some time ago that I would post photos of my crumb blocks. Well so far I have 60 6-inch square blocks. I am now in the process of making a pile of 3-inch crumbs to use as one of the borders. I will work on those tomorrow night during my Thursday night sewing group.

So here are the blocks :)

I am having so much fun making these blocks. They are actually addictive! I have piles and piles of scrap fabrics and now my students are even donating pieces they consider too small for them to keep. Once I finish this quilt, I want to try another scrap quilt using small pieces. My friends think I am nuts... but I consider that a compliment :) Especially once I see the final results of all my small pieces in a quilt!

oooh now that I think of it, I have some photos to share with you from my Monday night quilting class. My students starting machine quilting their quilts this week. Their quilts are just gorgeous!

Here is Janice. The photo doesn't do this quilt justice. She used a gorgeous Christmas print with a black background. Her quilt has so much rich texture.

Joan used a beautiful Terra Cotta suede look sashing to compliment her blocks.

This is Maxine's first time making a quilt. She was a bit nervous in the beginning, but she really did a fantastic job with her quilt. I'm sure we will be seeing many more beautiful quilts from this woman! Here she is in deep concentration making sure all her quilting is pucker free :)

Debbie is a bit camera shy, so I showed her hands working away on her beautiful quilt. Her fabric was a very interesting mottled and busy print, but she did a fine job with her blocks and getting the different designs. She was having some trouble with her sewing machine. She never used a quilting foot before, and for some weird reason, the foot kept loosenig her needle screw. Every so often she would have to stop her quilting and tighten the screw again. She said she has an interest in hand quilting, so I will show her that next week. At least the needle won't loosen with each stitch!

Here is Beverley's beautiful quilt. I just love how she brought out the tiny hints of red in her blocks with her block borders. The beige sashing really brought the whole quilt together.

The course will be over in about 2 weeks time. I will be getting a group photo of them to post to my blog.

Well its time to take my cake out of the oven and get cracking on my sewing for the night. I want to have myself another productive evening.

Quiltingly Yours

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Anonymous said...

I enlarged each photo to get a better look and I agree, each one is beautiful. Your students are diligent - taking their quilts to the finish line. So many stop with the topper.