Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cooler Days Are Here

The days are getting cooler and closing in faster with each passing day. It is hardly 6:30pm here and the night is just around the corner. One good thing about the nights closing in is you get cozy under your quilts while watching a movie or tv or reading your favourite book.

I guess that is another one of my many passions. I love to read. I have soooo many books in my bookshelf and still I love to have more. My Mum is also a big fan of reading and I suppose I have to thank her for this wonderful love of books. She stayed off work from the time I was born until my first day of school when I was 5 years old. I can remember very clearly how every week the two of us would go to the local library to choose our favourite books. I remember my very first library card and we would pick out 5 new books every week. Each night before she tucked me in bed, we would sit together on my bed and she would read stories such as Peter Pan, Cinderella, The Trumpet and the Swan, Stuart Little, Curious George and so many more. I grew up with books around me all the time so I guess it doesn't surprise me how that love of reading kept with me.

This past summer, Mum and I decided to spend a day shopping around to all the used bookstores. Oooh what books we both bought! By the end of the day we got into 8 different stores and we brought home about a dozen books each. I think it cost us roughly $40 each for our books.

So tonight I will tackle some more of my list from the thread I posted last week. I plan to sew the last step to the Mystery Table Runner, layer and quilt up another 1 or 2 tree skirts, and I might get a start on my lesson plan for my Crazy Patch quilt class this coming Saturday morning. I will take along my camera this weekend as by now the girls should have all their machine embroidery work done. These quilts are going to look gorgeous!

Oooh remember I told you sometime ago how I was involved in a Halloween doll swap through the online quilting group I'm involved with? Well my two little darlings arrived last week and they are the cutest! Thank you again to Skeat and "All4Quilt for the cute Halloween dolls I received. They are now on display out in the living room over the fireplace!!

Here is a photo of the two dolls I made and sent. They are not near as detailed as the two I received, but then this was my first attempt at making dolls and doll clothes. But saying that, I think I did an okay job :) Its not very clear in the photo, but they are both holding on to their little scaredy cats. :)

Well that's all for now. The sewing isn't going to get done on its own. I have a few supper dishes to clean up then I have the rest of the night to devote to my sewing. And if I'm real lucky I'll get in a little bit of reading time before bed!

Quiltingly Yours

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Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea. I frequently check the Quilting Bloggers site looking for fellow Newfoundlanders and today I found yours. Welcome to the blogging world - it's a great place. I really like your Orange Crush quilt. Great color combination. I'm still working on mine - not so great color combination. BTW, I moved from NL in 2000 and live in Ontario. I'm a member of a great quilting guild and I would love it if you dropped by my blog to see all the wonderful projects these women have made. Keep posting pictures of quilts or WIPs - I'll keep checking back.