Saturday, October 25, 2008

Going Crazy in Patches!

This morning I taught another class of my Crazy Patch class. This week they are learning how to sew on their borders. They were busy working away cutting up their border fabrics and getting them ready for sewing.

Susan here is cutting up her inner and outer borders. She is going to have a beautiful quilt when it is completed. I managed to get a little piece of her quilt blocks with the sashings on them before she started sewing her borders on. I love how she used the white fabric for her sashings. It really brought out the vibrant colours in her blocks and the beautiful satin stitching she did around each fabric piece.

Some of my girls were still working along on machine embroidering all the pieces in each block as you can see here with Joanne, who has her head down in deep concentration while she works on her purple quilt. She is using a gorgeous deep shade of purple metallic for all her satin stitching.

Here Glenda I believe has her embroidery work done, but cleaning up extra threads. Her next step is cutting up her sashings and sashing squares and sewing them together into her quilt top.

Marshas has her quilt top completed and decided to start basting her quilt together. She did a great job!

I hope to take some photos of my Monday night class this week. They too are making some amazing quilts!!!

Tomorrow I plan to take the day and sew a few more crumb blocks for my quilt. I will remember to take photos of them tomorrow and post them later the week. Stay tuned!!

Quiltingly Yours


Anonymous said...

The quilt tops are turning out very nice. Love that border fabric Marsha is using. She looks very pleased with her accomplishment. Re basting - I'm one of the few (I think) who spray bastes. It's the best thing, at least in my opinion, since sliced bread.

Comfort Cove Designs said...

I love the spray stuff to Rosaline, but in my classes I am afraid of allergies. I already had one lady have a terrible allergic reaction due to latex birthday balloons that were in the rec. center room. Before my class there was a birthday and the balloons were never taken down. It never occurred to me about allergic reactions with my students before until that night. Since then, all my students fill out a form I made up requesting to let me know of any nasty allergies I should know about.

Yes Marsha is loving her quilt. She is making it for her grandmother who is in a home. She is going to love it! Marsha is a very talented quilter and has also become a great friend of mine!