Friday, October 3, 2008

The Eve of a Long Weekend

I decided to take Friday off to have a nice relaxing long weekend. I had a busy work week and with Trevor off this weekend I wanted to spend some time with him. I have a few plans for the weekend including sewing/quilting, of course; teaching Saturday morning, and perhaps making a pan of my homemade lasagne.

I am not a big fan of eating lasagne, but I do love to make it. Trevor loves it and I want to make him something nice this weekend. I am slowly trying to add some other casseroles and other things to the freezer so we have something to take out quickly when we are on the go during the week, or if I am just too darn lazy to get into anything too intense.

The weekend forecast is calling for sunny warm weather. I would like to get out on the patio to clean up the flower boxes and get them ready to put away for the winter months... I know I know.. I said the "W" word... but it will be upon us sooner than we want. This year is my first year growing sunflowers. I started them a month too late,so they have been a long time growing, BUT I have two buds now and one of them opened yesterday. The yellow petals are starting to open out. I am hoping before the end of the weekend that the flower will be in full bloom and I will take a photo of it! I love sunflowers. They always seem to bring a smile to my face.

Well it's a late one here again tonight, so I am off to bed with visions of quilty designs dancing in my head!!

Sweet Dreams!


HalfSquareTriangles said...

the quilt on the bed what is it called?

Comfort Cove Designs said...

That quilt is the Orange Crush Mystery Quilt from Bonnie's website