Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Productive Couple of Days

I have been working away like a mad woman the last few days getting more of my Christmas tree skirts completed. On Sunday, Mum and I worked away on our projects during the afternoon. I managed to quilt up and bind another tree skirt, and stitched the buttons on about 4 tree skirts. Tonight I quilted and machine binded another skirt. I think I have about 3 more skirts to layer and quilt and those will be over.

For a change of pace, I have decided to get back to my Mystery Table Runner I made a couple weeks ago. Tonight I started layering and quilting. I decided to stipple it. I am taking a short break right now to relax my back as it is hurting a bit from being hunched over. I plan to complete the quilting before the end of tonight. I hope to post photos very soon.. So stay tuned.

I will write more tomorrow.

Quiltingly Yours

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