Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Christmas in February!!!

Yep... that's right... I have officially got into my Christmas fabrics already!!!! I decided to get a good head start on my inventory for next Christmas. I cut out 6 sets of placemats and managed to sew 3 of the set tops this evening.

In fact, the last 48 hours I have been VERY productive!!!! Last night, I went through my scrap containers to find as many red scraps I could get my hands on.

I pressed them all nice and flat and put them into piles based on size.

I started a list of some of the scrappy red projects I want to make for this month for my Scrap Saturdays.

I had a three hour break this afternoon from baby play with my William to head to the sewing room and play. While Trevor watched William for the afternoon, I put in 3 glorious and productive hours in the sewing room!!

One of the February Scrap projects is another quilt for the Iris Kirby House. I had alot of fabric strips of various sizes. I cut those down into smaller lengths and cut them into different widths.

I am going to make 6 inch strippy blocks. I think I will put 6 inch spacer blocks between the spacer blocks and then I can do some more free motion quilting!!! I have to take William to his cousin's 4th birthday party Saturday afternoon, so I might cheat and start my Scrappy Saturday project Friday night and then have a good head start for when I get back at it Saturday evening after William is put to bed.

The snow storm that has been plundering across much of the US has now reached us here on the eastern side of Newfoundland. In fact it is snowing out right now.

(a favourite view of mine from my kitchen window. This was earlier today. The birds stocking up before the weather hits later this evening)

It is very pretty as it is silently falling and not a breath of wind. It seems the path of the storm is not going to hit us as hard as first predicted, but we could still see anywhere between 10-20cm of snow. Not too shabby. When we here on the island hear how some areas are getting over 30cm of snow, we don't consider it really that much. But then we are an island out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and we are use to those accumulations. To us that is a nice snowfall, not really what we would call a "Snow Storm". But I know for some people who live in areas that are not use to it, then that is another story. I also know some places received alot of freezing rain and therefore lost their power. For that I really do feel for you!!! I remember back in 1994 or 1995 we had freezing rain that took out our power for days. I remember studying for my university exams in the stairwells of the university buildings where they had the emergency lighting or in front of the fire place of my "boyfriend of the time's" family home. For those of you who are affected by the ice and power outages (I know its quite possible you won't even be able to read this til the lights come back on, unless you have battery backup laptops), I hope your power is restored quickly!!!

I think tomorrow as we will all probably be house bound, I might make up some nice comfort food and put on a pot of homemade butternut squash soup. I'm also going to put on some bread as I want to try out a new breakfast recipe Thursday morning and I only have bagels and english muffins in the fridge. I need bread as the recipe is for French Toast! Stay tuned for some new recipes to post! oooh!! speaking of recipes! I came across this FABULOUS blog called "Confessions of a Cookbook Queen"! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! She is amazing!!! I could spend hours reading her blog! She also has some awesome links to other food related sites with tons of yummy recipes! I'm thinking of trying woopie pies soon! I saw a commercial about them yesterday and never heard of them before! Then last night through her blog I found a recipe for woopie pies!!! I think its a sign!!!! Anyway, if you like food and like to cook, check out her blog!

Until Next Time!

Quiltingly Yours


Melissa said...

Wow, you have certainly been productive - preparing for Christmas and getting your red scraps ready! I'm planning to look through my photos today for ones that I want to use on Red layouts.

Ellen said...

You have quite a selection of red fabrics - I will have to check back next week to see your progress.

Kathy said...

You've got a good start at getting your idea going for the red strip project. I see you've been busy cutting too. Best of luck for the sewing part! Enjoy the process.