Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Good Bye Size 10... helloooooooooooo Size 5!!!!

Yep... that's right!! Size 5!!!!!!!!!!!! woooo hoooooooooo!!!!

I mentioned yesterday I was going out to do a bit of shopping. Well, I decided to start picking up some new dress pants for when I returned to work after my maternity leave come the first week of May.

After my surgeries back in October, to date I have lost 25 pounds!!! That is also pre-pregnancy!!!! The last time I weighed in (which was last month at the family doctor's office), I was 113lbs!!!! I will weigh myself again on Thursday at my next doctor appt. Now, this is NOT the way I would suggest losing weight!!!! It resulted in a HUGE scar across my belly and my digestive system not the way it use to be.. but hey on the up side of things.. I'm into a SIZE 5 pant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(of course what's a new outfit without some bling to pretty it up!!!)

I also picked up a couple new CDs to add to my little collection in my sewing room. I love to play my music while working away. Lately I have been picking up some new CDs here and there. These are my two new purchases... The Mamma Mia one is AWESOME!

Last night after bambino went off to sleep, I went back to my sewing room for a few hours. In the span of 2 1/2 - 3 hours, I managed to get almost all of the placemats I made last week layered and ready for quilting.

I also cut out the 36 white tone on tone squares for the Red Strippy Block quilt.

I cleaned up (as in getting the markings of it) the last sewing motif embroidery block.

And layered the second Coffee mug mat I did on my embroidery machine.

Tonight's goal is to maybe either do a bit of machine quilting on those placemats, or work on the Hot Chocolate Snowman BOM.

We are expecting another nasty snow storm tonight... upwards to 30cm of snow!! blowing winds and just an all out crappy evening. The forecast predicts it won't hit til later this afternoon, so I think I'm going to bundle myself and William up later this morning to run out and finish a few more errands I didn't get to do yesterday, ooh and a trip to Michaels!! I want to make some fancy cupcakes for tomorrow night's Sewing Group!!! I want to pick up some cute embellishing things!! I also want to head to the Bulk Barn to gather some snacks for the impending storm!! need my gummy candy stash built up in my sewing room!! LOL

Quiltingly Yours


QuiltNut Creations said...

wow congrats! on both the weight loss and the super productive evening

Melissa said...

Wow, you have certainly been busy. That Red Strippy Quilt is going to be so bright and cheerful!