Friday, February 11, 2011

Not Much Sewing This Week

I thought I would get a bit more sewing in this week, but other things took priority. One of the biggies being my poor sweet William is experiencing his first cold. But I must say he is a real little trooper and handling it very well! Despite a runny nose and a little chest cough, he is all smiles and laughs and too busy playing. He has a few moments of wanting to be extra cuddled and loved, but he is still taking his naps at his usual times and still has a good appetite and no fever!!!! Hope this keeps up! I gave him some infant Advil before bedtime so I hope this helps him have a good sleep tonight.

The other big thing was a couple of nasty snow storms!!!

This week we had another 40 cm of snow dumped on us!!! With Mum unable to shovel out her own driveway as she usually do, Trevor and I have been taking turns shovelling. He mostly takes care of our driveway and area, while I am shovelling Mum's driveway. Although he did help a few times with Mum's space too. Tonight we are both a bit sore and tired from all the shovelling. The banks of snow are so high now (wayyyyy over our heads) its very hard to throw the snow up over the tops! I hear on the news tonight there is another possible 2 more snow systems coming our way.. one on Sunday and one on Tuesday..... SIGH................ I want SUMMER!!!!!!!!

The other night after shovelling, I did not have the energy to blink let alone play in my sewing room. So I set up the bathroom for a nice "Spa for ME night"! This is how I like to relax in my tub!!!

LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of bubbles!!!! Lots of candles, my nice smelly lotions and body washes, a good book and of course a nice glass of wine!!!!!!!!!

ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Soaking in the tub really relaxes the muscles.

Had Trevor not been working tonight, I would have taken another one of these baths. Unfortunately, that would be the one time I got in the tub, and then the baby cried!!!!! When we are both home, Trevor can take the monitor and take care of Will should he need something while Mommy had her "Tub Time".

When I did have a bit of time to unwind and play, I decided instead of sewing I wanted to get a start on re-organizing my recipes and setting up my food binders. I decided to start with an easy one and got to work on my "Veggie" binder.

(my trusty monkey pen to use on my binders... William loves when I tickle his face with it)!!!

I broke it down into various vegetables; potatoes, mushrooms, carrots, broccoli, mixed veggie, etc. I took out my scrapbooking papers and embellishments and got to work.

After shovelling for yet another hour tonight, I only got to spend about a half hour on my veggie binder.

I am almost finished this one. Although I still need to go back to do some extra embellishing and making it more cute!!!! For now, its just the organizing. I'm trying to decide what binder to do next. I'm leaving the Chicken and the Dessert binders to last cause they are going to take a long time and they are gonna be HUGE!!!!

Tomorrow is Scrap Saturday. I am hoping to get back to my red strippy quilt and get the quilt top rows made and put together at least. But then that depends, I still have to do a little more shovelling of Mum's driveway. Now that I have the stuff the snow plow put into her area, I need to take her car out of her driveway and into ours so that I can get rid of the snow that drifted in under the car as well as widen out the driveway it self cause right now you need to suck in your breath to get the car in!!! UGH!!! Did I mention I HATE this part of winter????

Well its late again, and I am ZONKED!!! I need to get some sleep badly!!!! I'll try to take some photos of the snow banks around our house and the neighbourhood in the next day or so and post here!!!!

Quiltingly Yours


limpingalong said...

Somehow, it does not sound like fun! It will be 70 deg (F) here Monday.

Anita said...

Poor William, having my own cold at the moment I feel for him. I hope he is all better soon. You make me want a hot bath, I'd just skip the bubbles and go for the menthol though...and a glass of wine. :) I love your idea for your recipe books, I may have to borrow it. I currently just print my recipes out on a decorative border paper but I like the idea of using scrapbooking supplies to perk things up a bit. I'd like to see more of the finished pages/binders as you get them done.

Melissa said...

How exciting that you were able to start on your recipe binders! Wow, that's a lot of snow. Hope William is feeling much better.

Elly D said...

Poor William, I hope he is feeling better soon.
I have enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog. Your soup recipe sounds delicious! Thank you for sharing it :)
Look forward to seeing your red project progress :)
Thank you for your visit to my blog and lovely comments.