Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekend Overview

I had a nice relaxing birthday yesterday. I didn't get to do much sewing/quilting in, but I did spend some nice time with my two best fellas!!! Trevor gave me this cute little Notebook computer.

It is smaller than what I am use to. The keyboard is much smaller and some of the keys I'm use to using and expect to be in one place are now somewhere else. I have made many typos and errors in my typing using the keypad, but I will master it!!!! My old laptop still has some good life left in it, but for some reason it just will not recognize my external/portable harddrive and camera memory card. It is still good for typing up my recipe collection and it does still recognize my printer. This little Notebook is great and small and portable. It is also very lightweight.

After William was put to bed, Mum took over the video monitor so Trevor and I could enjoy a nice relaxing dinner at The Keg restaurant. We shared a yummy yummy Mushroom Neptune appetizer. I ordered the New York Peppercorn sirloin steak with a twice baked potato. It was soooooooooooooooooooooooo good!!! I was sooo stuffed after we ate. I kindly asked Trevor to carry me out of the restaurant to the car, but he didn't seem to enthused about doing that!!! LOL

Saying that, I did get down in my sewing room for about an hour and played around with some free motion quilting design samples. One of my favourite places to get ideas for free motion is here at Free Motion Quilting. I am trying to get some ideas how to quilt the red strippy lap quilt. After trying a few, I ended up going with one of the designs I found in my own design books.

So tonight I cut out all 36 paper squares and got them ready to be placed on the white squares. I also cleaned up some of the red threads on the back of the quilt.

Tomorrow evening I will try and layer the quilt together.

I left the sewing room early so I could watch the Academy Awards (which I am watching while typing this) Already The King's Speech just one an award. They won best script. I am sooo excited!! I just loooooooooooved that movie!! I also loooove Colin Firth!!!!! Right from the first movie I saw him play in "Pride and Prejudice, I was hooked on his acting.

So while watching the awards, I plan to finish the last bit of binding on the blue lap quilt I made last month.

Quiltingly Yours


Connie Kresin Campbell said...

What a beautiful quilting design! I think it will be perfect. Enjoy your new computer too.

Quilter Going Bananas said...

Happy Belated Birthday Andrea!