Monday, February 14, 2011

This Could Be a Long Night

My poor little boy is into Day 3 of his cold. He went to bed good tonight, but for the last hour or more he has been waking up coughing and crying, then settling down. A little while later he starts coughing and crying then settling down again... Just waiting for when he wakes up and wants his Mommy to cuddle and rock him in the rocking chair.. Not sure how much sleep I'll get tonight with the monitor picking up his coughs and cries... Ahhh but that is Motherhood right!?!

This is a short note as I am just sooooooooo tired right now to do much more tonight. It is already after midnight. I didn't get to play with my red strippy blocks this weekend as I was hoping to. Between shovelling the driveway almost every night the last few nights (although not tonight as it is FReeeeeeezZZZING out there with the wind and blowing snow.. with the windchill factor it is around -21 degrees celcius!! FORGET THAT!) By the time I finish shoveling for the night it is around 9:30 or 10 and I don't have much energy to get up and down from the sewing machine to the iron to the cutting board. Not to mention, with all my scrap booking stuff out for my recipe binders I can't get near my sewing machine LOL

(The red scrappy block project is in the bottom of those two clear plastic containers left of my knitting basket)!!!!

I still felt I needed to do something for a bit of "me" time after spending most of the day with William, I have been working on my recipe binders. Last night I started my "Fish, Pasta and Rice" binder.

I managed to finish the Fish part of it tonight, and pulled all the pasta and rice/couscous/orzo recipe cutouts I did make over the past little while to get ready to post in the binder. A few of my readers emailed me asking if I would post a couple more photos of my inserts and how I am making my recipe cutouts look. So here are a few of them!

(One of my own photos of this ooooh so yummy salmon recipe, along with the recipe handwritten by a good friend of mine who shared this recipe with me)

(a couple cutouts .. the small one from a book I photocopied, the larger one a recipe from one of my FAVOURITE websites,

(got a little crazy with the embellishing and added a pretty flower)!!!

I still need to go back and add some embellishing to some of the pages, as well as some personal notes. I also want to find some really good quotes about food and eating. I see these things in other recipe books I have and find them really cute!!

Anyway, that's it for me tonight.... I am thinking of scrapping a bit more tomorrow with my binder and then by Tuesday I hope to get back to my sewing again.. I have alot to get done for this month!

BTW, since it is now Monday here in my neck of the woods.... HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!

Quiltingly Yours


Anita said...

Poor baby. Hopefully he (and you) get some sleep. Love the cookbooks, maybe that's what I'll work on tomorrow, today (since it's after midnight). Happy Valentines Day to you too!

Quilting By Celia said...

In a few days time things will be a lot better...Best wishes.

Lee D said...

hope William is feeling better. I so remember those days, you feel so helpless as they don't understand. keep warm too.