Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Well most of my day was spent running errands and picking up some cold meds for my little boy. Day 4 of his cold and he is still feeling crappy. So far he has been sleeping through the night. I'm amazed since he wakes up coughing and crying but then falls back to sleep again.

I did make and decorate 3 1/2 dozen cupcakes though!!!

(This cupcake is just for you!!!!)

Well I made the cupcakes yesterday afternoon, and made the chocolate buttercream icing. But this morning when bambino woke up at 7am, I gave him his bottle and then got to work on the decorating. I brought in 2 dozen of the cupcakes to my friends at the office. Needless to say the "vultures" made a clean sweep of them!!! LOL!!! I love making up stuff from time to time and bringing it into work. Before I went off on mat leave, I use to put on a bread in the bread machine the night before and then take it into work the next morning. During Christmas I like to make up a little something special and during other times of the year. LOL just gives me an excuse to try out more baking! I don't think they mind or complain!

Trevor and I didn't do much for V Day. With a sick little boy its not easy to do much. However we did pick up some supper from our favourite Indian restaurant here in town. After supper, got little guy bathed and ready for bed. Trevor and I went out to shovel out Mum's driveway AGAIN!! Yep.. snow and blowing snow the other night, plus the snow plow resulted in more shoveling. I'll be happy when winter is over. I am sooooooo ready for summer!!!

Well gang... although its only a little after 10pm, I'm tired tired tired..... back and arm muscles are sore and tired. I think I'm gonna turn into bed early tonight. Trevor is on monitor patrol tonight.... hopefully a half decent sleep in for me in the morning.

I hope to also get back into the swing of sewing by Wednesday night for our sewing group. I'll probably work on my recipe binder again tomorrow night, then put it away for a week. I want to get back to a few outstanding sewing projects.

Quiltingly Yours


Anita said...

Mmmm, the cupcake was delicious! Thank you ^_~ More get well wishes for your baby boo. I wish you no more shoveling...or enough time for another hot bath.

Quilting By Celia said...

You must be a great cook with attention to detail because they look delicious and so perfect. All the best for your little boy !