Thursday, February 24, 2011

I am slowly going crazy!!!!

Yep.. the past two nights I have been free motion quilting my big crazy crumb quilt!!! I now have 36 white blocks quilted and I have 12 more to go.

After that I have 28 triangles to quilt and then two 5 inch wide borders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(hmm weird.. it wasn't sideways when I took the photo... ooh well, these are my border patterns.. hard to see in the packaging, but will show it to you when I start the borders later on)

wooooopieeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! And to think I also have to remove all the paper from the designs too!!! yeeee hawwwwwwww!!!!

(removing the paper bits a little at a time so its not so much at once!!!)

I'll be ready for the rubber room!!!! And to think while I was quilting it last night I was coming up with my next INSANE idea for a quilt!!!!!!!! I have ALOT of small scraps! But more on that at another date.

I spent most of today taking Mum around to get some groceries and other errands she needed to get done. We took William along with us to get a change of scenery from the living room play area, get some sun on his face and nice winter air in his lungs. We were gone from 10:30 this morning and got home at 6pm tonight!! Whew!!! Now my boy is all snuggled up in his jammies in la la land and Momma is about to head back to the sewing room for another hour or two of quilting time!

Tomorrow, William and I are going to meet up with some of our playgroup Mommies and their babies for an hour of swimming. After that William and I are heading to another friend's house to see her little 1 month old little girl and have a mini playdate!

Tomorrow night, I will probably get back to my red strippy quilt top and prepare the quilt top for what I will free motion quilt on it. Saturday is the last 'RED' weekend for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. I want to get a good handle on it so it will be ready for machine quilting after my crumb quilt is quilted. I wonder what next month's scrap colour will be?????? Can't WAIT to find out and get crackin'!

Peek a boo!!!! Good night everyone!

Quiltingly Yours


Scrap - Happy Quilter (Ila) said...

Your quilt looks wonderful! Hehe, I bet next month's color is going to be green! I sure hope to get my "red" project at least sewn into a top by the weekend.

Anita said...

I think I would already be crazy with all that! You have busy days no matter how you look at it.

KatieQ said...

This is such a fabulous quilt. I'm amazed at how much you manage to get done with your little guy around. I love the picture of him peeking out from behind the pillow.